Flowcastings is bringing dynamic process innovation to the manufacture of complex, high-value turbine airfoils for the global aircraft engine industry.

Headquartered outside of Frankfurt, in Trebur, Germany, the company specializes in the development and investment casting of components for t
he High Pressure Turbine (HPT) and Low Pressure Turbine (LPT) sections of commercial and military aircraft engines.

Flowcastings works closely with the world’s leading Original Equipment Manufacturers of jet engines to produce Single Crystal (SX) and Directionally Solidified (DS) vacuum casting components such as blades and vanes.

The company’s advanced engineering, metallurgical and manufacturing capabilities are integral to its customers’ drive to improve engine performance and fuel efficiency.  Flowcastings enables and accelerates continuing advances in the materials, design geometries and manufacturing costs of jet engine components.   

Flowcastings’ experienced management and world-class technical teams are entirely focused on exceeding customers’ expectations for responsiveness, quality, cost and performance.