Casting engineer for DS/SX investment castings

FLC Flowcastings GmbH is a young, ambitious business that specialises in the production of high-value investment cast components for industrial gas turbines and aero engine turbines made from Ni base superalloys. The parts are cast in vacuum casting furnaces in directionally solidified (DS), single crystal (SX) or polycrystallin (EQ) mode. The cored wax patterns are being produced in a unique, patented manufacturing process. Our location is in Geinsheim/Trebur, not far from Frankfurt. Flowcastings ist delivering high end products to blue chip customers all over the world.


We are looking for a casting engineer with DS/SX (and EQ) experience to strengthen our team with expertise on the design and casting of complex clusters of cored turbine blades and vanes.

Key responsibilites:

  • Project execution for the production of high temperature Ni base superalloy parts for aero engines and industrial gas turbines for international customers
  • Process development and supervision for DS/SX (and EQ) casting, this means specifically technical design of moulds and their implementation into the investment casting process. Evaluation of the casting results is explicitely part of the assignment.
  • Cooperation with the preceding and consecutive process steps is essentiell to achieve optimisation for the overall production process. This means a close collaboration regarding the overall process chain, from core and cored wax pattern production – which is done in a unique process – up to the delivery of the qualified parts to the customer.


Profile of requirements:

  • Know-How DS/SX (and EQ) casting process
  • Experience with vacuum casting furnaces, specifically Bridgman
  • Competence in investment casting
  • Project experience including customer contact
  • Professional training and experience as casting engineer
  • Interested in the preceding and consecutive process steps
  • Experience with casting simulation tools for investment casting desirable
  • Structured, solution oriented and reliable method of work
  • Dedicated, team-minded and flexible to fit into a dynamic international company
  • Strong English knowledge
  • Good German knowledge would be favorable