Flowcastings speaking at the Super Return 2018


Flowcastings CEO Wolf Beele was invited to join the panel discussion on Disruption&Innovation on February 26, 2018, at the Super Return 2018 in Berlin.

The panelists Michael Schertler, Bain & Company, and Michael Brigl, Boston Consulting, and Wolf Beele debated under the moderation of Marko Maschek, Marondo, on how digital technology is changing the world of PE, offering more opportunity while changing the assessment models of PE financing. We are just at the beginnning of what digital opportunities will bring to established business, including the manufacturing champions of the "Deutscher Mittelstand". Flowcastings is setting a live example how digitalization of long-established technologies such as near-netshape castings for the gas turbine industries can be taken to a new level in terms of time-to-market and in response to Industry 4.0 data, leading to more customized product variants for improved applications.

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